About Us

From The Founder

Taking inspiration from my mother and growing up in Kinnaur I came to realize how our local and traditional food holds so much value to healthy living. As a child I have seen people using traditional oils and food as a therapeutic aid for some common health ailments, to sustain immunity, and to live a long healthy life. It’s despairing to see how the availability of all these products has begun to tail off when it holds such high value in nutrition with no adulteration. On account of my personal experiences, we aim at providing the best quality natural products from Himachal Pradesh.

Gaining invaluable insight from my mother I couldn’t have come across a better name for our organization, therefore named it after her Kanya Organics.


  • To be the greatest platform to promote traditional food and culture as cultivation of long-established crops has been replaced by cash crops and old varieties of food are passed from sight.
  • To help us all lead healthier and more vital lives.
  • Providing nutrients and improving agricultural resilience.
  • To come up with a snaking solution catering to all age groups.


Living through pandemics we have all come to realize how important it is to sustain our immunity. Hence, we are trying to lead the way for a wholesome and healthier life by providing people with natural products from the cordilleran belt.